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Hi there, I'm Jonti, and I am a freelance motion designer. I have been working since 2015. I am an expert in Adobe After Effects and

Cinema 4D, along with other various software. My portfolio ranges from large scale events work, VFXs, social media and website advertising.


I can help you by using my highly developed skills to produce

eye popping motion graphics which grabs your viewers and elevate

your objective to the skies. You can't spell Jonti without on it.


I grew up in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Throughout my education I was fascinated by internet animations and always wanted to make my own. As I progressed through school, I learned to animate in my own time. When I left school, I studied at the Arts University Bournemouth on the course Digital Media Production. It was here that I cemented my skills, studying everything from projection mapping to virtual reality. I graduated with a First having made a vr game in Unity. From there, my career spiraled and I ended up working in events, the rest is history.

I have always been a massive fan of theme parks, roller coasters and immersive experiences. I look to make engaging content which contributes as part of a larger experience.

I have done one or two talks specifically about the projection mapping content that I have worked on, and some of the other elements of my workflows. I tend to help a lot of my peers out with troubleshooting and bouncing around ideas. From all of my experience I have put together a resource for anyone to come and use as inspiration for any motion design work.

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