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Apple Airpods

Client: Me - This was a passion project.

Year: 2023.

Responsibilities: Everything. Except the Airpods model


The Challenge: I set myself the task to produce a product based motion graphic based on Apple Airpods. I had to source the model, and decide what shots would be suitable. I had to plan out what each shot would look like and experiment around in Cinema 4d. For this project I wanted to show off different colours that the Airpods could be.


The Solution: I produced a stylised 20 second motion graphic showing off the Airpods in various compositions showing off how the variety of colours are a selling point.

The Process: This project was about experimentation. To play around with different compositions which helped show off the variety of colours. There were a few dropped ideas, one of which was a shot with thin wiring which I liked the idea, but I felt it deviated from the point of the video. There was also a experiment with cloth dynamics for this project too, as I wanted some sort of reveal involved with showing the different colours. I took reference from my mograph encyclopedia in this, specifically looking at product parties and isometric angles. You can view the page here.

The Results: The result of this project has developed my compositional skills, and reinforcing how useful the mograph encyclopedia is for me when coming up with ideas for motion graphics. 

This piece is now part of my showreel. 

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