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Instagram Character Animations

Client: Instagram and me, this is a personal project.

Year: 2019-2022.

Responsibilities: I produced everything.


The Challenge: Design, rig and animate a character for multiple instagram posts and to practice my animation skills and any plugins for After Effects. I wanted a character that I could do more than just create a run or walk cycle.


The Solution: My solution was the character below. I used a few extra expressions to automate some of the animations so I didn’t have to animate some of the more tedious parts.

The Process: The main process for this was rigging the character in duik, and then streamline some of the animations with joysticks and sliders. In some cases I had to add extra controllers to make some challenges easier to animate, such as the bobbing in the saxophone piece

The Results: The result of this project led to a few new followers on instagram, and mainly an improvement in my animation skills and my ability to animate a character and change a rig on the fly. 

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