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CII Explainer Video

Client: CII (Chartered Insurance Institute)

Year: 2018.

Responsibilities: Stagestruck. I did about 50% of the shots for this piece.


The Challenge: The Chartered Insurance Institute needed an explainer video that informs viewers what the company does and what it stands for. The video should follow the paper-like style that has already been established from a previous video.


The Solution: I worked with the senior motion graphic designer, Darren at Stagestruck. The script for this piece had already been provided by the CII, but we then went and produced a motion script to plan out each section and what needed to be shown.

The Process: The majority of this project was produced using After Effect and Element 3D. There was also a slight bit of Cinema 4D in one or two sections though. For this piece I produced a camera rig to smooth out any of the movements, this meant that all I had to do was keyframe two nulls, and not worry about having to ease every single movement, ultimately saving me time. 

The Results: The result of this was an explainer video that matched the brief that the client had requested.

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