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HTML5 Banners

Client: Inner Media - Various Private schools in the UK and Ireland

Year: 2019 onwards

Responsibilities: It was my responsibility to take the branding guidelines supporting images and calls to action and produce a set of google banners in a variety of sizes for the use of bringing awareness to parents interested in visiting the school this was part of advertising campaigns 


The Challenge: One of Inner Media’s clients which is a private school requires html5 banners created to raise awareness that the school is having an open day. 


The Solution: It was my job to then take the assets they had provided and produce storyboards for the banners, and then animate these storyboards in After Effects. 

Here is an example of a typical set of banners.

The Process: The main part of the process was understanding that these would be rendered out using Lottie rather than the typical renderer in After Effects, this was so they could be provided as a html5 file rather than a video.  The benefit of this was that they would run a lot smoother on websites, they were smaller in size, and ultimately fast to produce an iterate on. 


The Results: Below is a set of banners that I had produced. These banners had to be produced in two days of work, so the turnaround for these was incredibly fast. 

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