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Inner Media and Private Schools

Client: Inner Media and various private schools throughout the UK

Year: 2019-2023

Responsibilities: Produce the motion graphics and in some cases the edits. I was not on any of the shoots, or helped produce the websites that the videos were displayed on. I just produced the videos. 


The Challenge: The main challenge to these was the budget and the amount of time I had to produce these videos. The budget was only for two days of work. That was one day to produce a draft and one day to refine it and make any edits.


The Solution: The solution for this was to produce the videos in the quickest ways possible without cutting corners or creating anything that I couldn’t easily re edit if the client came back with any changes. Everything had to be built with efficiency in mind.

The Process: The process for producing these videos became more of a system that I developed. Since we only had a day to produce the draft, the planning process had to be cut right down to the essentials. There was no time for storyboarding or styleframes. The most I had time for was researching the USPs and branding, (sometimes these were provided) and building a script from them. That was it. Then it was straight into After Effects to build out a set of template slides and piece it all together. 

The Results: The results of all of these videos were that they were used to advertise the schools. They went out on numerous social media platforms to advertise in the local areas. These advertised that open days were coming up and made parents and students more aware of the schools and when the open day was. I have worked with over 80 of Inner Media clients to produce these.

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