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Longacre School

Client: Inner Media and Longacre school

Year: 2020.

Responsibilities: I was only responsible for vfx in this. This was compositing the dragon, any of the particle effects and the expanding cookie. I did not model, rig, texture or animate the dragon. I did manipulate the animations on the model to sequence them for the shots. I did not edit this piece. I did not shoot this piece, however I did work on site to help on the two shoot days to oversee everything and make sure the shots that required the vfx were done smoothly. I did not storyboard this piece, or contribute to the planning. My responsibility was just the vfx. 


The Challenge: Longacre, a Private School in Guilford needs a brand new video to attract parents and children to their open days and school. It needs to show off the USP of the school while also appealing to children. It needs to show an element of collaboration between the classes and year groups.


The Solution: The solution for this was a reasonably short narrative video where a dragon invades the school, and the pupils of the school come up with a plan and put it into action to fend the dragon off. It showed off the main USPs, appealed to the pupils and potential pupils while also showing collaboration between the year groups.

The Process: The process required around 7 vfx shots. The dragon shots were the most time consuming to produce. These were created in Cinema 4D and brought into after effects to do all of the colour correction and compositing work to make it feel part of the scene. There was a lot of masking involved with these shots, and the 5 second shot of the dragon took about 3 days of work to complete. 

The Results: The results of this project are that the video is displayed on their website here. It led to the video being used externally on social media and internally to attract new students and parents to the school. The video has had around 900 views on vimeo.

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