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Monday Challenges

Client: Monday Challenge -

Year: 2021

Responsibilities: I produced everything.


The Challenge: The challenge is that a theme is chosen each week and it is our job to create an animation or motion graphic that is 5 seconds long and loops. The briefs that I entered were FunfairLight, PokemonDisney


The Solution: Each of these challenges had a different solution. Most of the time I embraced nostalgia and anything related to what I was inspired by in my childhood. The funfairs project I produced a small loop at an isometric angle to make it look like rollercoaster tycoon, one of my favourite games. The light project I wanted to show how light was used in funfairs so I modeled and rigged a ferris wheel and animated the lights on it.

The Process: The process with these projects was finding what I associated with the topics, working out what was viable in a week's work on top of my full time job.Since it was only 5 seconds of animation, I could spend a bit more time refining the piece. 

The Results: If the piece was successful, the owners of Monday Challenge would repost your work. This only happened once for the funfair piece that I produced. Which then got over 1000 views on instagram and lead to a small increase of followers. The instagram post can be viewed here.

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