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Projection Mapping - St Johns

Client: Hawthorn Theatrical (now Encore) and St John’s College, Cambridge.

Year: 2015,2016, 2017.

Responsibilities: I have nothing to do with any of the event production itself other than the motion graphics produced for the projection mapping. I did provide the line up images and templates for the media servers, but was not involved with any of the lining up of projectors. 


The Challenge: St John's College Cambridge is having their annual university ball. And would like some high profile projection mapping on one of their buildings, specifically the main church. The theming for these was different for each year. The first year was Alice in Wonderland theme. The second year was Hollywood and Jungle themed. The third year the theme was a botanical garden with an abstract projection mapping show.


The Solution: The solution for each of these years was that I produced a 10 minute projection mapped show (20 minutes in 2017), showing off different techniques and integrating these with the chosen theme that year. 

The Process: The process involved a research process mainly into projection mapping as a whole, there are a few techniques involved which are different compared to typical screen content.The main process to understand here is where the audience are looking at the projections from and therefore what angle the content has to be rendered from, this creates an illusion called forced perspective, which makes the building appear bigger than it actually is. As I did this over the three years my understanding of this process improved as did everything I produced.

The Results: The results for this were that there was a whole projection mapped section of one of the buildings at the ball it was predominantly shared on social media by students, and contributed to being voted one of the best student graduation parties in the uk. I continued to get this job while I worked at Hawthorn Theatrical.

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