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Samsung Fold

Client: Me - This was a passion project.

Year: 2023.

Responsibilities: Everything. Except for composing the music.


The Challenge: I set myself the task to produce a product based motion graphic based on a Samsung Fold phone. I had to source the model, the music, and decide what shots would be suitable. I had to plan out what each shot would look like and experiment around in Cinema 4d.


The Solution: I produced a stylised 20 second motion graphic showing off the phone and its relevant features including how it folds, its cameras.

The Process: I broke the project down into a number of phases:

Finding the music. Storyboarding each of the shots, using my mograph encyclopedia as guidance to getting the correct shots and style. Timing the storyboards to the music to produce an animatic. A few style frames to get a feel for the piece

Produce the rest of the shots. Edit it together and check for flow. Most of the time was spent in Cinema 4D getting the look for each shot to be consistent and tonnely correct, I put quite a bit of emphasise on getting the rim light correct to get that highlighted outline look.  

The Results: The result of this project developed my 3D skills and put a focus on product renders. I learnt a lot about perfecting the render and using different lens within Cinema 4D. Ultimately this piece is now in my showreel. 

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