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Client: Hawthorn Theatrical, Encore, Stagestruck, Smart Live, Taylor Bennet, BBC, Adobe.

Year: 2015 Onwards.

Responsibilities: Produce looping motion graphics for various shows and clients. Most of this work was through Hawthorn Theatrical


The Challenge: Our show needs some visuals to enhance the performances. In some cases the layout for these is not the typical 16:9 screen. In some cases it is LED screens or projection. 


The Solution: Using After Effects I made templates for any of the shows I was assigned to work on, and produce abstract content to fit in with the aesthetic of the performance. In total I produced around 3000 looping clips to be used on shows. 

The Process: Everything was produced using Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and Trapcode Particular. 

Most of the content is built to loop seamlessly which means both the start and end frame are exactly the same. Most of the content was built to add to a performance and not steal the show. I worked closely with the lighting designer, Jack to ensure everything worked together and nothing clashed.

The Results: The result of this was consistent happy clients and successful shows and ultimately an immersed audience. The party content is still used today and can be seen in highlights here:

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